Welcome to the Headache-Symposium 2019

Dear colleagues,

The Swiss Headache Society is delighted to invite you to the Headache Symposium on
Thursday, November 7, 2019 at the Inselspital in Bern.

The scientific program is dedicated to the topic "Controversies in headache revisited". It contains presentations on issues in headache that have been discussed for decades, such as aura, vertigo in migraine, facial pain as well as the interaction of migraine and epilepsy.

The main talk will give us the opportunity to glimpse into a world-leading translational research laboratory. Professor Messoud Ashina from the University of Copenhagen will thematise how “Targeting downstream intracellular signalling in migraine” will potentially result in several new therapeutic options in the future.

Updates from basic and clinical research will complete the symposium by providing a current overview on new developments in the fascinating field of headache.

The program is aimed for neurologists, clinical neuroscientists and practising physicians.

We are looking forward to your numerous appearance!

PD Andreas Gantenbein, MD                                    PD Christoph Schankin, MD
President of the Swiss Headache Society             Chairman Scientific Committee

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